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Getting all tickers in one request in real time using a GET request is practically unfeasible This is an example of a URL where the theory and practice are in conflict The solution doesn t support the root URL as a reference to real-time data The root URL is used to return a list of all available real-time links The root URL is not used to indicate what the real-time information is because doing so would require following thousands of tickers The root URL will return links to where you can retrieve real-time data This could mean returning links to thousands of stock tickers You could also use the root URL to return both the link to the ticker and an abbreviated corporate description This would help in building a search engine, as most people don t know the ticker but do know the name of the corporation.

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Now, click on the Search & Mappings tab. Through the interface found under this tab, you can configure the maps between standard Mac OS X attributes and those available via other LDAPv3 servers. (This can be seen through the Inspector in Workgroup Manager or using a standard read on a record in dscl, as explained in 1.) In some cases, this is only the difference between, for example, CreationTimestamp in OS X and createTimestamp in an LDAP object. As shown in Figure 2-18, you ll look to map fields that you see fit to those that exist in your current LDAP environment. Using the Access this LDAPv3 Server drop-down menu, you can select one of the pre-built Apple maps, which cover the commonly used Open Directory Server, Active Directory, and RFC2307 settings.

PIM events support four fundamental types of repetition: RepeatRule.DAILY, RepeatRule.WEEKLY, RepeatRule.MONTHLY, and RepeatRule.YEARLY. Each of these can be set alone on a RepeatRule to create a simple repetition. For example, to have an event repeat at the same time each week, you would define the FREQUENCY as shown below.

RFC 2307 is a set of standards laid out for Unix-style operating systems to leverage LDAP as a centralized directory services solution. In fact, many of the attributes from Open Directory are taken directly from the standards laid out in RFC 2307. There is no

Delegating the root URL to individual URLs creates a problem in that the Web service cannot manage the real-time feeds for all stock tickers on all exchanges To put it simply, you cannot track all stocks on a single computer Tracking all stocks requires massive amounts of horsepower that this recipe won t get into The only solution is to use a track-if-asked solution In a track-if-asked solution, no stocks are tracked initially for real-time data Real-time data will be tracked only if an HTTP GET is executed on a particular stock An HTTP POST or DELETE or PUT makes no sense on the real-time feed, because a real-time feed comprises data that goes from the server to the client The server is not interested in any information from the client other than which ticker to generate real-time data for.

RepeatRule repeat = new RepeatRule(); repeat.setInt(RepeatRule.FREQUENCY, RepeatRule.WEEKLY);

manual mapping of fields for most aspects of LDAP if you are using an RFC 2307 compliant schema for LDAP, as those mappings are integrated for you out of the box.

You can leverage otherwise unused fields with other Directory Services in order to provide required fields for Mac OS X, even if those fields do not exist in the foreign directory service. Once you are satisfied with your mappings, you can then save them as a template using the Save Template button or write them back to the server, so other clients can use the mappings you may have painstakingly built. By leveraging the ability to write back into the cn=config container, you will save yourself from having to set mappings on each client, but instead set each client to From Server option using the Access this LDAPv3 server using the drop-down list shown in Figure 2-19.

You can control when an event stops repeating by also applying a COUNT or an END value. The former states that the event will recur a certain number of times at the provided frequency and then stop. The latter means that the event will keep recurring until a certain calendar time, at which point it will cease. COUNT must be provided as an int, while END is a date. To make this event repeat for the next eight weeks, we would use the COUNT as shown below.

NOTE: In order to use the Write to Server button, you will need elevated (e.g., diradmin) privileges to the LDAP server.

If a verb other than GET is executed, the server will generate an HTTP 500 error /services/orders specifies the root URL for order processing In the context of stocks, order processing makes use of all HTTP verbs You use HTTP POST to submit an order, HTTP PUT to modify an order, HTTP GET to retrieve the status of an order, and HTTP DELETE to delete an order..

repeat.setInt(RepeatRule.COUNT, 8);

Figure 2-19. Select From Server to read attribute mappings from the LDAP servers cn=config container

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